Prices 2015*
MEP Essential
The basic MEP-10A KIT bundles the following components:
  • Left and Right Crank arms with internal cadence sensor
  • Bottom bracket spindle with integrated rechargeable battery
  • Spider**
  • Spacers
  • Universal smartphone holder X10A™
  • Battery charger
  • Software for PC (MEPManager) and/or Smartphone (MEPPhone)
  • Analisys software (MEPAnalisys)

Special offer (no broker): EURO 2,800.00 + taxes. Contact us!

MEP Extended
For a more compelling experience, you might also need:
  • Elastic Strap heart rate sensor
  • Speed/cadence bike sensor
  • Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6.1 +

Special offer (no broker): EURO 500.00 + taxes. Contact us!

Installation guides and use manuals are provided in all MEP bundles.
Additional Customer Smartphone/PC install and setup service is available on request. Contact us for a quotation.
* MEP-10A is currently on sale for biomechanical & specialized centers only.
** At purchase time, you'll need to specify your preferred Bolt Circle Diameter, relative to chainrings.
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