Frequently Asked Questions
Will MEP be available for everyone?
We have planned to give MEP to biomechanical centers first. They can test MEP more exhaustively and intensively than no one else. At a further stage, we are going to furnish all cycling enthusiasts.
How does MEP work?
MEP system measures power and offsets in the two crank arms. It measures internal stresses in the cranks while the cyclist applies force to the pedals. Left and right data (i.e. offsets and forces) are collected by an electric circuit and sent to the smartphone or PCs via Bluetooth ®.
What is MEP system accuracy?
MEP's accuracy is +/- 0.25% of the true force applied on the pedals (please refer to Tech info page).
Which is the MEP system data rate?
MEP true data rate is 50 full data packet per second (equal to 10 Kbps).
Does MEP need a separate cadence/speed sensor?
We measure cadence internally, but if you need to know speed, you must use an external Speed/Cadence sensor.
Which pedals are compatible with MEP?
You can use any kind or model of pedals you desire (with common 9/16" threaded end)
Does MEP require calibration by the final user?
No. Studio AIP characterize each MEP system. The final user only need to set up personal parameters (i.e. wheel diameter, crank length)
Can MEP software be kept up to date?
Yes. Upgrades will be made available on the download page, thus can be downloaded and used to update the MEP manager software.
Can I use MEP with different crank lenghts?
Yes, you can. MEP can be easily moved between bikes. Alternatively, MEP has been designed to accomplish tests with different crank lenghts (170 to 180 mm).
Does MEP measure left and right legs independently?
Yes, MEP system measure the individual contribution of each leg to the total power transmitted to the rear wheel. In addition to this, the MEP system measure the variation in pedal-force offset along pedal axis, allowing biomechanics to adjust rider positioning.
What is the expected battery charge of the rechargeable Li-ion battery?
Due to the wide amount of data trasmitted to the smartphone, expected battery life between recharges is expected to be at least 8-10 hrs. You can simply recharge smartphone and MEP batteries nightlong and start using MEP system in the daytime.
Is the smartphone visualization essential for MEP system functionality?
No, users as biomechanical centers can install MEP software on their PC (actually only Windows version) to see athletes' performances during their tests. In future we will provide a Mac OS 10x+ version.
Which features does my bike require to set the MEP system?
Your bike must have a bottom bracket shell with 24 mm bearing bore diameter. In fact MEP systems have a 24 mm diameter bottom bracket spindle (For istance, MEP are compatible with Mega Exo FSA 24 mm spindle model and similar).
How can I see my Heart rate as well?
MEP system is compatible with some elastic strap sensor, receiving and monitoring heart rate data. If interested, ask us for compatibile models.
Have you patented the MEP design?
Yes, we patented the MEP system.
Does your software work on Windows 10?
Since 01 October 2015, Windows 10 supports our software. Ensure that either your Windows 10 version was released after 01 October 2015, or you have installed Windows 10 cumulative update "KB3093266".
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