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General information

Before installing or using the MEP PRO system, it is mandatory to carefully read the user manual and to use the product as described, in order to avoid injuries and/or damages to yourself or to any third party.

Recall that the MEP PRO system is a precision measurement instrument. Care and attention are strongly recommended to preserve the product features.

MEP Studio tutorial

The following video shows how it is easy to configure MEP Studio software with MEP PRO crank arms:


In this section you can find quick solutions to possible issues during the usage of the MEP PRO system. If the problem persists, you are recommended to immediately stop using the system and to contact your reseller.

  • MEP Studio is not able to connect to the crank arms
    First of all, ensure the battery is charged by putting it on charge for a few hours. If this does not solve the issue, close MEP Studio, unplug the USB connection stick from the PC and reconnect it after 15 seconds.
    Finally, unplug the left crank-arm from the spindle. Then, plug it in again, taking care of properly straightening the bolts.
  • The battery is charge, but MEP Studio often disconnects
    Check that the crank arms are properly mounted on the spindle and that all screws are tightened at the specified torque.
  • In MEP Studio, the power seems too high (or too low), or the posture seems incorrect
    Ensure that the crank arms, pedals, spider, and crowns are properly assembled. Any mechanical mis-coupling must be cleared to prevent wrong measurements. Then, calibrate the crank arms following the procedure described in the user manual.
  • Power plots seem "jigsaw"
    Check that your bike (or your simulator) is not subject to high-frequency vibrations. These can be generated, for instance, by a non smooth tyre, or an unbalanced roller. In facts, the integrated angle sensor of MEP PRO crank arms is quite sensible to this kind of vibration.
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